I’m Berrak Sarikaya, the Amplifier, and I’m excited to meet you. I’m sure you’re curious about me so let me give you the quick bite-sized industry bio.

Motivated by a firm belief in owning who you are instead of trying to fit the mold. I forged my career path by finding a way to bring all of my passions together as a writer, community builder, and social strategist. Throughout my career in the digital world, I’ve evolved from being a social media user to a small business expert.

I believe the only way to be heard through all the noise out in the world is to amplify what makes you unique. (You can quote me on that.)

Phew, that wasn’t so bad, right?

Of course, there’s a lot more to know about me than that. I have a feeling you may be curious about my writing, my professional background, or even (this is my favorite), how we can work together.

So let’s get to it.

You’ll find links to my services page below, as well as testimonials, and my Amplify Your Biz blog. If you keep scrolling on this page, you might also find out some fun tidbits about me including an actual picture of my face! I hear professional headshots are so in these days.

Will I see you at CMWorld this year?

Get your ticket!

Fun facts about Berrak:

I’ve been sharing my stories with the internet since the 90s. AOL chatrooms were my gateway. These days, I’m all over with a personal blog, social media (see above), and someday, YouTube.

Number of cross-country trips I’ve taken solo: 3

I speak four languages: Turkish, English, Sarcasm, and GIF.

I’m pro-Oxford comma.

Ask me about my obsession with penguins.

Curious to know more? AMA. I’m an open book.